Goran played in numerous stage, film  and TV projects, both dramatic and comedic in the Former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Europe and the United States. He is fluent in English, Slavic languages and also have a uniquely distinctive Russian accent


Recognizing his passion for acting in the mid 1990s, he began his career at the National Theatre Nis, Yugoslavia, while simultaneously emphasizing his studies at the "Theatre High School of Acting"under Professor Mima Vukovic-Kurić. In 1989, he concentrated on his Bachelors of Arts in Acting at the "Faculty of Dramatic Arts", under Dr. Professor Vladimir Jevtović, where he earned his degree in Acting in 1993.  

Goran recently finished a short film I Am Ready to Change (Father), directed by Muamer Celik. Milev has also been featured in short movie, Revolution (Russian Agent), directed by Angela Liu. In 2009, he played Professor Brayer in Periods of Rain, directed by Jason Blackwell. Other recent film acting credits include Ivkova Slava (Jordan), directed by Zdravko Sotra in 2005, Natasa (Inspector), directed by Ljubisa Samardzic in 2002, and Vatra i Nista (Poet Branko Miljkovic), directed by Marislav Radisavljevic. Milev has appeared in several television series produced by Radio Televison of Serbia. In 2004, he appeared in the historical drama Tragom Karadjordja (Leader Milan Obrenovic), directed by Miroslav Zivanovic, and Karadjordje i Pozoriste (Leader Petar Dobrnjac), directed by Duda Ceramilac. He played Milos Crnjanski (Poet) in Pesnicke Vedrine, directed by Miroslav Zupanc. In 2005 he played Sava Sumanovic (Painter) and Milan Grol (Politician) both directed by Ramadan Demirovic along with many other roles in editions of Umetnicke Veceri and produced by Radio Television of Serbia. 

In 2010 he moved to Los Angeles, California continuing his career in Acting. 


Goran made his acting Chicago debut in 2006 in "The Two Headed Pin" (monodrama) by Aleksandar Gatalica (Anatol Liberstein), directed by Gorčin Stojanović. In 2009, he co-founded "Moving Stories Theatre", which specializes in producing plays by renowned European playwrights, rarely performed in the United States. "Emigrants" by Slawomir Mrozek, successfully premiered in February 2010, as the first play of the season. He also attended the Steve Scott’s (Goodman Theatre) Masters Scene Study in Chicago in 2009. Goran later appeared in comedy "The Seducer"...having also appeared in over 50 theatrical productions throughout US, Europe, Yugoslavia, and Serbia. He was a member of the Moving Stories Theatre in Chicago, Belgrade Drama Theatre, and National Theatre in Nis. He has also worked with Slavija Theatre, Atelje 212 Belgrade, and Puppet Theatre of Nis, Yugoslavia. 

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