Actor, Stage Director

Albert Williams, Chicago Reader

"A rich vein of Eastern European drama has been nourished in Chicago by such theaters as the Chopin, TUTA, and Trap Door. Milev, who also directs, gives a wonderfully rich and complex performance as XX, and he and Mack play off each other well in this 80-minute one-act." 

Film Producer

Michael Toth/Life is a Dream Productions  

"Based on my experience working with Mr. Milev, I think he is an exceptionally creative and hard working professional. He manages projects from inception to finish without compromise to quality. I recommend him very highly and look forward to working with him again." 

Actor, Stage Director 

Danica Ivancevic Monroe

"As a stage actor in the City of Chicago, I see many solo and ensemble shows a year, and it will probably not surprise you to know that a healthy amount of them are identical. It is with delight and not a small amount of relief that Goran’s work first came to my attention. He is a confident, relaxed performer and ‘edgy’ director who immediately puts the audience at ease, he’s very funny, his approach to storytelling is totally unique and engaging, and most importantly, he has something to say and does it in such a way so that it hardly hurts at all – except where he wants it to. Aside from his many commendable qualities as a performer/director and fresh, original voice, Goran is an easy-going, generous, good guy, who is fun and pleasant to have around."

Director, Producer

Barry Benson, Executive Director

“Mr. Milev is an extremely dedicated, caring, and hardworking person who applies himself completely to every endeavor he takes on. He has a thorough perspective on his undertakings and, thus, seems to meet with success more often than most people. My organization has been truly helped by Goran Milev's presence because of this, I urge you to give him your every consideration. 

Actor (Solo performance) 

Slobodan Milosavljevic, Glas Javnosti 

"The Two-Headed Pin is considered by critics to be a unique dramatic opus. More than just a mono-drama, it’s a one-actor theater phenomenon. Within one whirlwind hour, actor Goran Milev will explore its five intensely different characters, and mesmerize with two duet scenes. Through stories, recollections and demons which visit Maestro Anatol Liberstein, Milev vividly takes us through an entire epoch. It is a story about love, betrayal, hard-to-come-by documents, and dilemmas during Nazi Europe". 

Acting Coach 

John Madigan, Educator

"Without a doubt, Goran is one of the  finest, most talented  students I  saw in seven years  of teaching  adult international students.  Given his professional strengths and personal manner, I  would recommend  Goran in  the highest degree  for any teaching or artistic director position,  without reservation.